Conqueror F20 Radar Detector Russian Language

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Conqueror F20 Radar Detector Russian Language


• Radar detector module applied for Super heterodyne, VCO Technology Scanning Frequency Discriminator

• Multi frequencies detects X, K, Ka, Super wideband Detection

• Real Voice and Audio Warning

• City and highway sensitivity level adjustable

• DIM and Bright LED text level adjustable

• Friendly interface to select the power on/off

•  Russian Languages Only




X band: 10.525 GHZ

Ku band: 13.450 GHZ

K - band 24.150 GHz

Ka -band narrow 34.3 GHZ

Ka -band narrow 35.1 GHz

Ka -band super wide band 34.7

Size: 10.3x6.4x2.8 mm




1x  Push 12v dc power cord

1x Bracket

1x Russian Manual in PDF

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