Conqueror x523 Super Car Radar Detector Russian Voice

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Conqueror x523 Super Car Radar Detector Russian Voice

1> Warning system: X-Band, ku-band, k-band, KA-Band, Laser, VG-2, Any changed setup will be stored after power off.


2>Dim Mode . Default is bright mode. dim mode or dark mode


3>Mute mode. there are speicial auto mute feactures. Traditionally, there is

micro tower or auto door spreading auto microwave. all radar detectors will fail to show signal, avoiding the noise from auto door or micro tower, your speading is under speed limit selected in downtown. Radar signal sounds are muted on or muted off by speed setting . Mini speed alarm activates when you are under your personal speed limit . its will mute on automatically .


4> Default is highway mode, whose sentivity is higher and can detect any band and laser . press the button, its will changed as city mode, which helps the deriver not inter not interfered by auto-door or others

5> Self -test function

6> frequencey selection

7> Language selection:

8> Volume level adjustment  

A. Left side . DC 12V power input jack

B. top side :

a. power on/off switch button

b. Volum up and down button

c. Dim button

e. mute button

f. city button

g.rear laser detection lens

h. speaker



C. Rear side

i. radar antenna

j. Bracket input jack

k.Front laser detection lens



D. Front Side

I power-on indicator

m. x-band indicator

n.ku band indicator

o.k band indicator

p. ka band indicator

q. laser indicator indicator

s. highway indicator

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